Application Basics


It is easy to get a "Hello World" app up and running in Spark. But there are some basics to keep in mind when beginning to build more complex applications.

Please note: This page is still under construction.

Building Blocks

Basic Properties


Color Wheel

HTML/CSS Named Colors

Read more: HTML Color Names
Available as of Spark v = Check for ( >= 2)

Spark now supports HTML/CSS colors syntax and naming conventions for setting colors.

This means that wherever you used fillColor, textColor, lineColor with a hexidecimal 0xRRGGBBAA value in the past ...

var rect1  = scene.create({ t: 'rect', parent: root, fillColor: 0xFF0000ff, lineColor: 0x000000ff,
                    lineWidth: 2, x: 0, y: 0, w: 100, h: 100, interactive: false });
... now supports -

rect1.fillColor = 0xFF0000ff;  // RED
rect1.fillColor = "#f00";      // RED
rect1.fillColor = "#ff0000";   // RED

rect1.fillColor = "#f008";     // RED 50% alpha
rect1.fillColor = "#ff000088"; // RED 50% alpha

The following is now supported ...

var rect2 = scene.create({ t: 'rect', parent: root, fillColor: '#0808', lineColor: '#000f',
            lineWidth: 1, x: scene.w/2, y: scene.h/2, w: 100, h: 100, px: 0.5, py: 0.5,
            interactive: false }); 
... notice the   fillColor: '#0808'   and the   lineColor: '#000f'   are using the HTML/CSS style color notation.

But Wait... there's more !

You can also use the 147 defined HTML/CSS color names .

Like this...
rect1.fillColor = "Red";         // 0xFF0000ff
rect1.fillColor = "FireBrick ";  // 0xB22222ff

rect1.fillColor = "DarkRed "     // 0x8B0000ff
rect1.fillColor = "Maroon";      // 0x800000ff

There are 147 defined colors ... including rebeccapurple.

Color Wheel

Color Highlight VSCode Extensions

Whilst color RGB codes are neat, and HTML/CSS color syntax is tidy - actually seeing the color in your Spark code is better still.

VS Code has an abundance of Extensions that improve productivity, and for colors - Color Highlight is really useful !

Color Highlight will render the colors that it finds in your Javascript source - or anywhere else it finds colors.

Color Highlight Example



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