The Spark Browser

The Spark Browser is launched whenever Spark is not passed an URL on startup.

The Browser

Hamburger menu has the following items:

  • Go to Favorites
  • Go Home
  • Set Home
  • Reset Home

Home page URL is browser:home, Favorites page URL is browser:favorites.

In order to add or remove a URL to Favorites toggle the star icon in URL bar.

Favorites and home page selection persist after relaunch.

Like in any browser there are Prev ⇽ / Next ⇾ buttons to navigate between previously visited URLs.


    Spark Browser Shortcuts

  • Show Help page that defines all ShortcutsCtrl+Alt+K
  • Show About page with details about Spark Ctrl+Alt+A
  • Toggle URL edit box visibility. Go fullscreen ! Ctrl+Alt+F
  • Sets focus on URL edit box - and selects ALL Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L
  • Load browser.js Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H

    Spark General Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Alt+Y Toggle FPS
  • Ctrl+Alt+O Toggle object outlines
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D Log debug info and object count
  • Ctrl+Alt+D Show dirty rect outlines
  • Ctrl+Alt+S Take a screenshot
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R Reload scene