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Rich Animation

Native animations supporting non-linear tweening.

JavaScript Bindings

JavaScript bindings allow applications written in JavaScript to take advantage of native performance.

Used by Firebolt in the RDK

Firebolt is an application platform for devices powered by the Reference Design Kit (RDK).

Open Source

Spark is an open source project, so if you don't like something - submit a Pull Request!

Service Bubbling

Provide service availability through the heirarchy of your applications

Atomic Building Blocks

Small set of atomic building blocks allows for composition. Use a framework, build your own, or use the Spark API directly.

Read the documentation for API and functionality information.


Release Highlights


  • Enhanced Drag and Drop support (macOS)
    • Now just drag and drop a javascript file into the body of the Spark browser, and Spark will load the file. 
    • Drag and drop a file into the URL box to get the URL of the file to replace selected text or be added to text that's already there.
  • Use RT_LOG_LEVEL to control mouse and keyboard logging from shell.js
  • Add metrics logging for download thread performance details
  • remove pxObject's matrix props to reduce size of pxObject
  • Web/CSS color support for pxRectangle and pxText. See sample usage in these two files: test_pxWebColors.js and test_pxColorNames.js
  • Change pxCore CI builds to use the new testRunner and tests from
  • Fixed: double downloads for image and image9
  • Fixed: MASK does not respect Alpha of parent object


  • Spark support for RT services
  • Downloading and launch performance updates
  • Ignore CORS checks for localhost requests


  • Add property
  • Enable CORS for Spark by Default
  • Fixed : Shortcut for Debug Logging from Spark browser
  • Fixed : Promise creation should only happen once for most pxObjects
  • Fixed : TextBox related issues to do with alignment and newlines