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Rich Animation

Native animations supporting non-linear tweening.

JavaScript Bindings

JavaScript bindings allow applications written in JavaScript to take advantage of native performance.

Used by Firebolt in the RDK

Firebolt is an application platform for devices powered by the Reference Design Kit (RDK).

Open Source

Spark is an open source project, so if you don't like something - submit a Pull Request!

Service Bubbling

Provide service availability through the heirarchy of your applications

Atomic Building Blocks

Small set of atomic building blocks allows for composition. Use a framework, build your own, or use the Spark API directly.

Read the documentation for API and functionality information.


Release Highlights


  • Add property
  • Enable CORS for Spark by Default
  • Fixed : Shortcut for Debug Logging from Spark browser
  • Fixed : Promise creation should only happen once for most pxObjects
  • Fixed : TextBox related issues to do with alignment and newlines¬†


  • Fixed : Decoding of inline SVG fails.
  • Fixed : Defect found in coverity scan, Fixing on uninitialized variable.
  • Add display settings notification support.
  • New dirty rectangles easter eggs.
  • Identify any excessive logging statements made by the Spark plugin.
  • Modify spark permission for explicit allows.
  • Fixed: New thread sanitizer warning detected in code coverage output.
  • "Object outline " Easter egg is failing on Mac spark
  • Move rtRemote to its own repository or submodule.
  • Fix text box metrics/measurements.


  • Fixed : Could not load font face.
  • Fixed : Application present on base url are failed to load.
  • Fixed : answers.js smoke test failed in edge_2018-10-01
  • Fixed : px.import() fails when importing http/https multiple times
  • Fixed : px.getFile(filename) exposes files on disk
  • Fixed : TextBox promise doesn't fire unless the textBox has a parent
  • Reverted : "Disabled the Font/Glyph 'scaling' memory saving strategy ... Fixed"
  • Implemented multi-line Edit Box component.
  • Support relative paths for 'require' in v8
  • Investigate why https:// takes so much longer than http://
  • Rework on dirty rectangles to improve the CPU performance.
  • rtRemoteRunUntil() is extremely CPU greedy
  • Disabled the Font/Glyph 'scaling' memory saving strategy.
  • Resolving image paths for images used within imported .js files
  • Avoid ETag check if cache is not stale.